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Re: Billing Database, where to store information

Questions such as this are generally not specific to OpenLDAP
Software and hence more appropriate for a general LDAP list.
See the list charter and FAQ for suggestions.

At 06:39 PM 4/5/2005, Matt Juszczak wrote:
>We are creating a new billing database at our ISP.  It is going to be completely web based.  Would it be better to store the billing info (such as customer info, etc.) in the billing database backend (like mysql), and then just have ldap code that, everytime there is a change made, updates the ldap database with the information it needs?  Or should we store data in two different plaes, such as first name, last name, phone #, address, etc. is stored in ldap, while current amount due, services offered, etc. is stored in the mysql database backend.
>I kind of like the first idea, that way the billing database updates ldap, instead of relying on it.  Plus, then I wouldn't have to split the primary source of information into two different locations.  Just want to know what others think...thanks!