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Re: Converting /etc/passwd using PADL scripts generates {crypt} from {MD5}?!

--On Monday, April 04, 2005 8:47 PM -0700 Kris Vassallo <kris@linuxcertified.com> wrote:

Hello all,
I am trying to switch from using NIS / local password files to using LDAP
for authenticating server logins as well as pop/smtp authentication.
My confusion is as follows: I downloaded the migrate_passwd.pl (and all
the other scripts from the PADL web site) and ran it on my /etc/passwd
file; looking at the LDIF that was generated, I see that the
userPassword: field starts with  {crypt}$1$ for all my users BUT my
system (Fedora Core 1) is using MD5 encrypted passwords (or at least from
looking at the PAM configuration it seems to be, and I believe that
somewhere around RH8 the installer just configured the system to use MD5
by default).
So, am I not understanding something? Does the migrate_passwd.pl script
just assume that everything is crypt? What's going on here?

Hi Kris,

You'll need to send your questions to the appropriate PADL list, as that is what your questions pertain to. :)

There are links from the PADL website to its various lists.


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