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Re: inequality searches cause slapd to freeze

Howard Chu wrote:
You'll note that my response that you reference only mentions OpenLDAP 2.3. OpenLDAP 2.2 is feature frozen, so nothing I talked about there will be added in 2.2. Also talking about what could be done is not the same as saying it will be done. I've made no other indexing changes in 2.3, nor is it in any of my plans.

I did note all this. I realize I was being as fanciful, foolish, and optimistic as a virgin schoolgirl at the operahouse. Regardless, the current solution does seem to work well enough in this case, except of course for the crashes.

The behavior you describe here sounds like a bug that should be fixed, but you should file an ITS for it. Also some more information would help, such as knowing exactly how many searches are issued before the hang occurs, and the gdb backtrace from the event. Also, since 2.2.24 is already out, it would be best if you can reproduce the hang on 2.2.24 before filing the ITS.

I'll try to get it all together this week. FWIW, the RH9 server consistently fails on the 13th (!) passage search. Unfortunately, the other server is on the internet, so it's getting concurrent external requests that cause tests to vary.

Jon Roberts