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Re: using syncrepl for master slave relationship not working

At 10:06 AM 4/4/2005, Todd Lyons wrote:
>>>               type=refreshAndPersist
>>>#                interval=00:00:01:00
>>>               searchbase="dc=ldaptest,dc=batelco,dc=jo" 
>>Note that last line here is a continuation of the
>Pardon me for being slow.  Does that infer that a comment cannot occur
>within a block of continued lines? 

Comments cannot occur in directives regardless of whether
they are continued or not.  That is,
        access to * # foo by * read
is just as invalid as
        access to * # foo
                by * read
        access to *
                # foo
                by * read
and, but for different reasons,
        access to *
        # foo
                by * read

See slapd.conf(5).