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Re: Casual benchmarking OS performace with OpenLDAP

--On Wednesday, March 30, 2005 2:55 PM -0500 "James F. Hranicky" <jfh@cise.ufl.edu> wrote:

On Wed, 30 Mar 2005 11:16:13 -0800
"Matthew Hardin" <mhardin@symas.com> wrote:

Hi James,

Take a look at http://www.symas.com/benchmark.shtml. We've spent some
time doing this in a more formal manner, and it may save you some time.
We've also provided the tuning information that helped us achieve the
results we did.

Hope this helps...

I've looked at that, and actually run DirectoryMark, but I wasn't getting results that seemed to make much sense. I got 40 ops/s at one point, changed the number of processes, and dropped to about 5 ops/s. I figured I was doing something wrong as that wasn't adding up to being able to retrieve 80000 LDAP records in 4 seconds.

Checking the config, I see you had your servers configured like so:

	Setting 		CDS
	Database Cachesize 	384 MB
	Entry Cachesize 	10,000
	IDL Cachesize 		30,000
	Access Logging 		Disabled

Is my config substantially different? I didn't think so. At any rate,
the differences in the platforms still doesn't add up. I figured maybe
there was some tweak I was missing.

Does the config I posted look reasonable?

Hi Jim,

I also want to note that the hardware used to run the benchmark also greatly influences the results. The server running DM must be powerful enough to actually process the results from the OL server in a fast enough fashion for the benchmark to have any meaning.

Note: AMD-244 results will be up next week (beats everything else so far).


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