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Re: Casual benchmarking OS performace with OpenLDAP

James F. Hranicky wrote:

Is the kind of performance I'm seeing on Sol10x86 reasonable?

Hard to say. 8421 records x 10, and it looks like anywhere from 500 to 1000 bytes per record. Assuming 500 bytes per record for 84,210 records that's transferring 42MB in ~5 seconds. You didn't specify what kind of network hardware is in place, but this is near total saturation for 100Mb ethernet bandwidth. Relatively tame for gigabit ethernet speed, but it may be reasonable given that there are 10 clients running, there would be more context switches going on which would reduce throughput. With a single client querying a large database I've also seen OpenLDAP's ldapsearch command fully saturate a 100Mb ethernet; the new parser we use in 2.2's ldapsearch has such low overhead that it's purely network bound in that scenario but I haven't run the same test on a gigabit ethernet recently. It would be worthwhile to time a single ldapsearch over the database to give you a reference point for your multiple-client tests.

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