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Re: Question on slapd.conf indexes and attribute properties in schemas

1."pres" index is to search for attributes for any value in the Directory.
It works like (mail=*) # returns all entries which have a mail attribute

2.Look at the schema definition for gn and mail in core.shema.
mail attribute allows eq and itz not supported for gn i suppose...


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Subject: Question on slapd.conf indexes and attribute properties in schemas

> First Question:
> What is the purpose of the "pres" index?  How can I use it when I
> search for particular entries?
> This is taken from the LDAP Admin manual to cite an example:
> index default pres,eq
> index uid
> index cn,sn pres,eq,sub
> index objectClass eq
> The first line sets the default set of indexes to maintain to present
> and equality. The second line causes the default (pres,eq) set of
> indices to be maintained for the uid attribute type. The third line
> causes present, equality and substring indices to be maintained for cn
> and sn attribute types. The fourth line causes an equality index for
> the objectClass attribute type.
> Second Question:
> How do these indexes work?  Like for instance, in the schema, you can
> use substrings for mail.  I can use ldapsearch to search for an email
> and find the entry successfully using substrings without having to
> create a "mail sub" entry for mail in slapd.conf.  However, searching
> for a specfic given name using ldapsearch and setting a "gn eq" in
> slapd.conf would yield no results.
> Tak
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