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Re: LDAP hangs requiring slapd stop and deleting __db.00* files

--On Tuesday, March 29, 2005 8:39 PM +0530 Abhishek Daga
<abhishek@ostech.biz> wrote:

>> You should upgrade to the latest stable version of OpenLDAP.
> Will do.  

I'm seeing this problem also, using openldap version 2.2.23.  In my case,
clearing things up requires the following steps:

service ldap stop
/usr/sbin/slapd_db_recover -h /var/lib/ldap
service ldap start
chown -R ldap.ldap /var/lib/ldap
service ldap start

For some reason, the db_recover deletes:
-rw-------   1 ldap ldap   16384 Mar 28 22:22 __db.001
-rw-------   1 ldap ldap  278528 Mar 28 22:22 __db.002
-rw-------   1 ldap ldap   98304 Mar 28 22:22 __db.003
-rw-------   1 ldap ldap  450560 Mar 28 22:22 __db.004
-rw-------   1 ldap ldap   24576 Mar 28 22:22 __db.005

and the first service ldap start creates them owned by root, then, ldap
dies because they are owned by root and not ldap.  The second service
ldap start starts the ldap daemon.

>> What attributes do you use in all your filters?
>> Do you see any "index_param failed (18)" errors in your ldap logs?
> No, do not see that error.
I also have none of these errors.

>> I don't see any "cachesize" or "idlcachesize" directive in your
>> slapd.conf. You should definitely set them.
> Any default or "safe" values for it?
My slapd.conf contains the following for the database configuration:

database bdb

suffix          "dc=bluewater-aquatics,dc=com"
rootdn          "cn=root,dc=bluewater-aquatics,dc=com"

# Entry Cache Size (number of entries)
cachesize       5000
# Transactional checkpoint
#               kbytes  minutes
checkpoint      512     5
# Cleartext passwords, especially for the rootdn, should
# be avoided.  See slappasswd(8) and slapd.conf(5) for details.
# Use of strong authentication encouraged.
rootpw                <removed for security>

# The database directory MUST exist prior to running slapd AND 
# should only be accessible by the slapd and slap tools.
# Mode 700 recommended.
directory       /var/lib/ldap

# Indices to maintain for this database
index objectClass                       eq,pres
index ou,cn,mail,givenname              eq,pres,sub
index gecos,sn,employeetype             eq,pres,sub
index authorizedService                 eq,pres
index uidNumber,gidNumber,loginShell    eq,pres
index uid,memberUid                     eq,pres,sub
index nisMapName,nisMapEntry            eq,pres,sub

I don't know about idlcachesize... What is a reasonable value to put there?
It is not documented or even mentioned in my slapd.conf(5) manpage.
Is it new to 2.2.24?

>> What about your DB_CONFIG file? It should be in your folder
>> /usr/local/var/openldap-data.
> This file does not exist in this location nor at any other location? am i
> wrong?
In my case, should this file go in /var/lib/ldap?  I haven't found a lot
of documentation on this file, and, what I've found leads me to believe
that is the proper location.  Also, are the following reasonable contents
for that file?

# In Memory Cache Size
set_cachesize   0       8388608         0

# Database Flags
#set_flags      DB_TXN_NOSYNC   # Don't immediately flush txn logs.

# Log Values
set_lg_regionmax        1048576
set_lg_max              10485760
set_lg_bsize            2097152
set_lg_dir              /var/lib/ldap/bdb-logs

# Temporary file location
set_tmp_dir             /tmp



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