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Re: ldapsearch ASN.1 problem

At 11:11 AM 3/26/2005, marc pierre wrote:
>Now, I have two questions.

Neither of which are specific to OpenLDAP Software and
hence off-topic here.

>- Isn't it necessary to make a bind before sending a

See RFC 2251 (in particular, third paragraph of Section 4.2.1).

>- Why the explicit tag 63 is not followed by the tag
>30 corresponding to the encapsulated SEQUENCE?

See X.690.

>I sought a long time without finding any response.
>If somebody can give me advice, I am very interested.
>Thanks a lot.

Questions about how to interpret RFC 2251 are best directed
to a forum about LDAP or the LDAP technical specification,
such as <ldap@umich.edu> or the IETF LDAPbis WG mailing list
respectively.  In posting to the latter, it's generally will
be assumed that you've actually read the technical
specification that you're commenting on.  On the former,
it may be assumed you haven't read anything.

Questions about ASN.1 and/or BER are more appropriate for
a list about ASN.1 and/or BER.