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Re: Using "keytool" to create security certificates for OpenLDAP

Thanks Mark.

As a follow-up, I had a question about JLDAP - not sure if that is
considered off-topic on this newsgroup ...

I'm using JLDAP to connect to OpenLDAP, but since the Sun's SSL
security provider doesn't recognize PEM format files (only JKS files),
I was wondering if JLDAP has a security Provider implementation that
would know how to parse PEM files/certificates sent by OpenLDAP to the
client for authentication.


On Wed, 23 Mar 2005 20:44:47 -0500 (EST), Mark H. Wood <mwood@iupui.edu> wrote:
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> That sounds like the 'keytool' program that comes with Java.  I don't know
> of any other product which understands the JKS format.  You'll have to
> export the keys that you want to use outside of Java.  'man keytool'
> should tell you more.  I think that the default export format is bare DER
> and you'll need to use the '-rfc' flag to produce PEM instead, or you can
> use OpenSSL to transform it.
> This is really a Java question, not an OpenLDAP question.  Further
> discussion of keytool should probably take place in a Java forum.
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