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ACL error (ldap 2.1.x -> 2.2.x)

Hi List, 

Property here a ACL of LDAP version 2.1.x and gets the following error
with LDAP version 2.2.x.

access to dn.regex="((dc=([^,]+),)*dc=([^,]+)),dc=dot" attrs=userPassword 
       by dn="cn=admin,dc=dot" write 
       by dn="uid=vmail,ou=system-users,dc=dot" read 
    by dn="uid=ftp,ou=system-users,dc=dot" read 
       by group/organizationalrole/roleOccupant="cn=helpdesk,dc=dot" write 
       by group/organizationalrole/roleOccupant="cn=domainadmin,$1,dc=dot"
    by self write 
    by anonymous auth 
    by * none break 

slapd.conf: line 173: bad DN "cn=domainadmin,$1,dc=dot" 

Someone idea? 

Thanks for each assistance.