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errors when starting openldap 2.3

I'm trying to run v2.3 on my fedora box, when i added the "inetorgperson.schema" and the "cosine.schema" to the slapd.conf this is the error i got:

redLanguage $ userSMIMECertificate $ userPKCS12 ) ))
/usr/openldap/etc/openldap/schema/inetorgperson.schema: line 155: AttributeType not found: "audio"
/usr/openldap/etc/openldap/schema/inetorgperson.schema: line 155: handler for <objectclass> exited with 1!
/usr/openldap/etc/openldap/slapd.conf: line 6: handler for <include> exited with 1!
slapd destroy: freeing system resources.
slapd stopped.
connections_destroy: nothing to destroy.

with only the basic "core.schema" that is included it works perfectly fine.
does anyone know why this is happening??