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LDAP: error code 8 - LDAP: error code 8 - modifications require authentication

hi all

I'm having trouble adding an entry to a LDAP directory using J2SE
1.4.2 and JNDI with GSSAPI mechanism. Once I obtain the Kerberos
ticket from the Kerberos server, everything works fine for search
operations from my code, but I get the following error while adding an
entry to LDAP:

javax.naming.AuthenticationNotSupportedException: [LDAP: error code 8 -
modifications require authentication]

I'm running openldap-2.2.17 software on both the client and the server
machine running Fedore Core 3 linux and RedHat Enterprise Linux 3. I'm
using Kerberos v5 server (1.2.7-38) on the running on the same server.

Note that the command line tools "ldapsearch" and "ldapadd" work fine
with GSSAPI authentication.

Please help.