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Re: uniqueMemberMatch again

Dr. Matthias Schlett (987) wrote:

Last year there was some discussion on the list about uniqueMemberMatch.
The last statement about the uniqueMemberMatch rule I found from Kurt D. Zeilenga:
The rule is not yet implemented.

Is this rule implemented in the openldap-2.2.24 release ?

Looks to me like it is.

I know you don't like any discussions about nss_ldap on this list, but I want to
explain, why it seems that I'll need this equality matching rule:
For the implementation of  nested groups per default nss_ldap uses the attributetype
uniqueMember. Without this rule I get too slow answers from the openldap server.

If the indexing support for this equality is not supported or won't be in the near future
I'll use groupOfNames instead of groupOfUniqueNames as a structural objectclass.
It contains members instead of uniqueMembers.

I always advise using groupOfNames / members anyway.

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