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Re: Kerberos + SASL question

--On Tuesday, March 22, 2005 5:19 PM +0000 Manel Euro <euro_32@hotmail.com> wrote:


I am having problems understanding kerberos, LDAP and Cyrus SASL

I am using LDAP to store the users information like uid, home directory,
grouid, geco (passwd without the password field).
I have kerberos configured and working.

I understand that SASL is a layer that provides  authentication mechanims
to protocols like LDAP. By using GSSAPI, as soon as I get a Kerberos TGT
I will be allowed to get a  TGS for LDAP. However, if the LDAP directory
holds my userid and groupid,  necessary to pam_krb5, and if I need a TGT
to access a TGS for ldap how will I be able to login.

If I have the concepts wrong please let me know.

I use a site restricted anonymous bind for getting information out of the directory related to passwd file information.


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