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Re: Uid with '+' sign ?

Christiaan den Besten wrote:

Hi all!

I have a small problem with inserting a uid "uid=bob+alice,ou=xxx.." into by ldap. I have (tried to) read http://www.alvestrand.no/objectid/ and its corresponding rfc. But besides being awfully theoretical :) .. (aren't they always ...) I still don't see how to prepare my add DN to insert this value.

Definitely "yes"; only, the "uid" value can be "bob+alice", but its representation in the DN must be "bob\+alice" as per RFC2253 and draft-ietf-ldapbis-dn.

I note that OpenLDAP 2.2/2.3 comes with a slapdn utility that helps debugging DN string representations; 2.3 comes with test026 that checks the compliance of OpenLDAP with the above docs in DN parsing and handling.


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