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Re: Re: Problems with special spanish chars

I have problems searching words with spanish acuted n (ñ). I applied a solution you gave me to ignore characters á, é, ö, etc. and works perfect, but this character doesn't want to be good. Besides, it is case sensitive. Searching for "MUÑOZ":

(sn=muñoz): nothing
(sn=munoz): nothing
(sn=muÑoz): ok

Is there any way to smack this bad boy?

PS: The solution to ignore á, é... Add this to your slapd.conf attributeoptions x-hidden lang- access to attr=name;x-hidden by * search

Using this you can create a new attribute sn;x-hidden and fill it like these
sn: Camión
sn;x-hidden: Camion
Now you can wrie your search as (sn=camion) and you will get all thse which have any of those values