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RE: slapd

Exactly, "rpm -ql" will tell the content.

RedHat distro also has the same "packaging confusion" issue, the default
install only pulls in openldap-2.X.XX-X, and if one were to "rpm -ql
openldap-2.X.XX-XX", it is NOT everything we need. In RedHat, we need to
pull in other rpms depending on our need.


Anyway, if one is interested in building from source, it would be
better, as someone on this list suggest, to remove all RH openldap* rpms
so that "up2date" won't do any harm if the build from source is
"intentionally" using the same "--prefix" as RH.


On RHFC3 and RHEL4:

# rpm -ql openldap-2.2.13-2

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> Hello.
> I use Mandrake Linux 10.1 and performed a urpmi openldap.
> It says that everything is installed already.
> However, under /etc/openldap directory, there is no slapd.conf file. 
> Doing a 'locate slapd' with an updated locate database, it does not 
> find the slapd executable either.
> rpm -qi says that the openldap package is installed, and that is comes

> with slapd executable.
> Anyone know why these files might not be on the system?

You may want to try:
# rpm -ql openldap