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Re: ldapbind command

"ldapwhoami -n" should do exactly what you're looking for, and can do a
bit more (whoAmI exop).


> We administer our directory with amongst other things a simple web
> interface that's specific to our needs.  Authenticating an admin user (by
> the web server) is done by binding with the supplied user/password and
> reading their password attribute, relying on ACLs to allow authenticated
> admin users to read others' (encrypted) passwords.
> Yeah, I think it's ugly too, but I didn't write it.  Anyway...  I see that
> other LDAP implementations (Oracle Internet Directory, for example)
> support an "ldapbind" command that simply takes the credentials and
> attempts to bind with them.
> Has anyone written such a thing for OpenLDAP and would be willing to share
> it?  Would anyone be interested in such a thing if I wrote it (seems to be
> a simple change to ldapsearch, by invoking it as ldapbind)?  Or is there a
> better way to do it?

Pierangelo Masarati

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