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Re: Multiple Server Controls

Those two controls are not compatible with each other, only one of the two will take effect.

In general, the Paged Results control is a waste of effort and should not be used.

Vishal Jose wrote:


I have a problem regarding the usage multiple server controls within the
single search.One control is DIRSYNC CONTROL and another one is PAGE

The whole purpose of my application is LDAP server and LDAP client

For the synchronization purpose, the DIRSYNC CONTROL is employed.
Considering the amount of results that may come from the LDAP Server, I
thought of implementing PAGE CONTROL.(My intention is to get all the
results, not necessarily separately).

So before issuing a ldap_search_ext_s, I make DIRSYNC control and PAGE
control and add it to the server control list of the call.
Here PAGE control is made by making a call  "ldap_create_page_control(..)"

So the sequence of the application can be put as

1) Make LDAP DIRSYNC control
2) Make LDAP PAGE control (call to ldap_create_page_control)
3) Add the controls to the PLDAPControl array
4) Issue a ldap_search_ext_s function
5) Issue a ldap_parse_result function (Can retrieve the DIRSYNC control
returned as PLDAPControl * points to it after returning)
6) Using ldap_parse_page_control function , try to get the PAGE control,
which is giving an error number:93, "Specified control was not found in
7) As I have specified in ldap_create_page_control function to return 5
results, only 5 results are returned in the above case.
   eg: ldap_create_page_control(m_hSessionHandle, 5,
Cookie,'T',&PageControl) ;

Anybody can help me in where am I going wrong?

- Vishal

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