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Re: OL database on NFS-mounted partition?

On Thu, Mar 17, 2005 at 03:56:11PM -0000, Gavin Henry wrote:

> > How good or bad to store OpenLDAP database (bdb/hdb) on NFS-mounted
> > partitions? Have anyone such expirience? FreeBSD 5.3.
> Why would you want to do that?
> For backup reasons?
	Not just for backup. I'm collecting any information for future
projects, and one part of it will be redundant network data storage.
Running low on money I have no possibility to instal extra reliable disk
array on every server, but if I'll have network storage it will be
possible to store some significant data on it. 

	Concerning LDAP I'm reviewin some configurations of backend
including supported SQL storage, but I'm confused after reading some
articles about choosing database storage, which strongly recomends use
bdb or udb.

> Searches would be slower.
	It is possible. But thinking about 1G-links I believe that it will not
be so significant. 

> Master or slave on the mounted partition?
	It is just a project. When it will get introduction stage it will be
more clear.

Antuan Avdioukhine (DEKA-RIPE).
Convey Plus Telecommunications
St.Petersburg, Russia.