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Re: Fwd: Connection to ldap server failed

At 11:15 AM 3/17/2005, fatima riadi wrote:
>Now, ldapsearch works fine!!
>However, I still get a permission denied when I try
>"ssh user_name@ldap_srv"!

Discussions of why your ssh software might indicate this
is a topic better discussed on a list about ssh, or possibly
a list about the underlying system service software
(e.g., PAM and NSS, and the particular PAM and NSS
modules you are using).


>--- "Kurt D. Zeilenga" <Kurt@OpenLDAP.org> wrote:
>> At 08:45 AM 3/17/2005, fatima riadi wrote:
>> >When I run ldapsearch -x -LL, it only returns
>> version
>> >but no entries. 
>> Maybe there are no entries which meet the search
>> criteria,
>> or maybe client with is not authorized to find
>> and/or return
>> entries that do meet this search criteria, or ....
>> Kurt 
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