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Back-monitor usage - no attribute data

Title: Back-monitor usage - no attribute data

I'm stumped...  We want to use back-monitor to get some usage data for OpenLDAP 2.2.23 (with transaction patches).  The monitor backend seems to be working except that I get no useful data.  I get entries like the following:

ldapsearch -x -D "cn=XXXXXXX,dc=pbg,dc-com" -b "cn=monitor" -s sub  -H ldap:/// -W


# Current, Time, Monitor
dn: cn=Current,cn=Time,cn=Monitor
objectClass: monitoredObject
cn: Current

# Start, Time, Monitor
dn: cn=Start,cn=Time,cn=Monitor
objectClass: monitoredObject
cn: Start# Bytes, Statistics, Monitor
dn: cn=Bytes,cn=Statistics,cn=Monitor
objectClass: monitorCounterObject
cn: Bytes

# PDU, Statistics, Monitor
dn: cn=PDU,cn=Statistics,cn=Monitor
objectClass: monitorCounterObject
cn: PDU

# Referrals, Statistics, Monitor
dn: cn=Referrals,cn=Statistics,cn=Monitor
objectClass: monitorCounterObject
cn: Referrals

# Entries, Statistics, Monitor
dn: cn=Entries,cn=Statistics,cn=Monitor
objectClass: monitorCounterObject
cn: Entries

# Statistics, Monitor
dn: cn=Statistics,cn=Monitor
objectClass: monitorContainer
cn: Statistics

Shouldn't there be some attributes listed which actually provide data?  I did see something in the mail archives about differences in  back-monitor btwn OL 2.1 and OL 2.2, but nothing comcrete about usage.

Any help would be appreociated.


John Fortin
PBG Middleware and Web Services
(914) 767-7844