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Re: ASN1 - syncInfoValue

On Wed, 2005-03-16 at 11:11 -0800, Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:
> A quick clarifying note...
> Below, by entryUUID, I was referring to the entryUUID operational
> attribute whole values are transferred in LDAP using a particular
> string representation.  An LDAPsync implementation actually gets
> entry UUIDs as syncUUIDs, each a 16-octet value.  So, normally,
> one is just comparing 16-octet values with 16-octet values.
> There may be cases where one might want to compare a syncUUID
> with the string value of the entryUUID attribute of an entry,
> in such cases, one should convert the string to the 16-octet
> instead of trying to convert the 16-octet to a string.
> Kurt

Thanks, this actually answers one of the questions I had in my last

It also raises another one however. Essentially I am trying to make a
client that will track changes and do synchronization operations to
other systems when LDAP is updated. In order to do this it's becomming
apparent that I will need to store at least UUIDs and some other data.
Does it matter how I store the UUIDs, whether as 16-octet syncUUIDs or
as entryUUIDs? If the RFC I mentioned in my last e-mail is not correct
as to how to translate the 16 octet syncUUID into an entryUUID would you
mind pointing me somewhere? Perhaps even to a function in the LDAP