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Re: ldap load measuring and reproduction tools

J.Smith wrote:

"Quanah Gibson-Mount" wrote:

You really leave out a lot of information that might be helpful.

1) How many entries are in your poorly designed tree? :P

We have about 180000 entries (dn's)

2) What version of OpenLDAP are you using?

Well, actually it's not OpenLDAP we are running. The reason I used the OpenLDAP mailing list was that I was not really sure where to even start, and since a lot of general and real-world-practical LDAP knowledge is available on this list, I thought it might be just as good a place to start as anywhere else. The idea was to gather as much information as possible, hoping/assuming that it would prove to be either 'generically applicable', or at least 'translatable' to my specific scenario and situation. So, at the risk of either getting kicked of the list or everyone going radio-silent on me, here is the configuration we are running :

So in other words, you're deliberately violating the charter of this mailing list. In what world do you live that makes it OK to abuse other people's time and energy like this?

Besides the utter disrespect you've displayed for the people you're begging to for information, your assumptions are also flawed. The various directory server products have such widely differing implementations that what is practical for one is not necessarily applicable to others. E.g., with databases up to a terabyte in size OpenLDAP performs orders of magnitude better than e.g. Netscape Directory Server and other products of its lineage. The performance gap widens even further as the database size and client load increases. So deployments that are practical with OpenLDAP are not necessarily practical or even possible with other products. It's like walking into a motorcycle dealership, asking if that bike can really top 200mph, and then applying that answer to the Canyonero in your garage. There are good reasons why this list's charter is what it is - answers are not generally applicable to anything else, and you're wasting your time and ours by ignoring that fact.

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