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Re: Migrating users from passwd to LDAP

At 02:42 AM 3/15/2005, Antuan Avdioukhine wrote:
>I'd subscribed to this list just a few days ago. It seems to me, that a
>question "How to import 'user-password' pairs from /etc/passwd to LDAP"
>has a lot of questions, so please give me some appropriate URLs. Thanks. 

How to represent entries of /etc/passwd as LDAP objects is
not specific to OpenLDAP Software, there are countless ways.
However, I suspect you are interested in the ways which are
compatible with software, like nss_ldap, which allows those
objects to replace entries in /etc/passwd.  Questions
regarding nss_ldap requirements, or the requirements of
other such software, is more appropriately directed to lists
about that software.  Here's an appropriate URL: