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Re: Import users from LDAP to Kerberos

* Michel Getraide <michelgetraide@hotmail.com> [050315 11:45]:
> Hello,
> I'd like to import my users from LDAP to MIT Kerberos.
> Are there any tools for that?
> Thank you,
> MIchel

Since MIT Kerberos and LDAP a two very different pair of shoes, you
could not simply do that. 

Creating Principals out of a set of specified LDAP-Dn's is not a
problem, every Unixadmin worth his money should be able to glue a
script together. Migrating Passwords is another Problem. If you are
"lucky", (only lucky for the task of Migration, otherwise it would be
a considerable security breach ), the passwords are cleartextpasswords, 
but otherwise you are stopped dead.

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