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Re[2]: redirect / disable logging

QGM> Karolis,

QGM> What version of OpenLDAP?

QGM> What operating system are you using?

QGM> What database backend are you using?

QGM> I run my servers on loglevel 256, on Solaris 8, and even on systems that
QGM> answer 400,000+ queries a day, they have no problem keeping up with the
QGM> logging.


version: 2.1.29
os: fedora core 2
backend: bdb

Those overloaded situations come once in every several days. There
would be about 10-20 queries per second, but I do not even see slapd
in TOP. syslogd is eating everything.

Another problem is that openldap stops to find records in those cases.
It says that the record was not found, instead of giving an error. Is
that expected?