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Re: ldapdb troubleshooting

Thanks Igor,

> >> immediately ran into trouble. This is what imtest wrote to auth.log:
> >> Mar 13 17:57:28 localhost saslpasswd2: _sasl_plugin_load failed on 
> >> sasl_auxprop_plug_init for plugin: ldapdb
> >> Mar 13 17:57:28 localhost saslpasswd2: auxpropfunc error invalid 
> >> supplied
> He needs to rename this file to Cyrus.conf or place these directives with 
> prefixed "sasl_" into the cyrus-imapd config file (usually 
> /etc/imapd.conf).

Incredible, cp imapd.conf Cyrus.conf and here we go.  Well, theres still 
something wrong in the LDAP setup, but I'm confident to find this tonight 
with the slapd logs. ;)

 - lars.