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Re: Getting SSL/TSL to work

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Je Sabato Marto 12 2005 16:09, vi skribis:
> Pupeno writes:
> >> Anyway, try a self-signed CA
> >> certificate instead, and sign the server certificate with that.  That
> >> works for us.
> >
> > Well, how do you do that ? (I thought I was doing that).
> Not a clue, except 'by reading the manual'.
Which manual would be in this case ? I've been strugling to find good 
documentation on this matter.

> I do it by asking our local CA for a certificate:-)
Lucky one! ;)

> However, we may be talking past each other here.  If you thought you
> were doing that, why did you wonder if TLSCertificateFile and
> TLSCACertificateFile should be the same file?
> TLSCACertificateFile should be your self-signed certificate,
> TLSCertificateFile   should be another cert signed by the above cert.
Well, here you mention two certificates (and there's also a key)... so far I 
was only able to make one certificate for one key, I'm missing a step where 
I'm making a certificate of the certificate, right ? How do I make the second 
certificate, signed by the first self-signed certificate ?
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