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Re: LDAP syncrepl - only partial replication when consumer has been down

rob fielding wrote:

Is there a confidence inspiring command or log I can use to ensure data

Apologies if this is obvious. I'm afraid I have found the docs which
talk about LDAP sync Replication quite hard to follow. I don't intend
this to be a flame on the authors, but there is scope here for
improvement, specifically in the area titled 14.3.1 where it talks about
the various syncProvider and syncConsumer entries and the options that
retrieve or generate them and reasons for them:

Things in 2.3 are much improved. I found most of that document hard to follow too, and I've rewritten large chunks of the code and the docs to make it simpler.

There is nothing confidence-inspiring in the 2.2 syncrepl engine. I would try the 2.3 version instead, it is much more usable.

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