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Fedora Core 3 : openldap-2.2.23 rpm (semi-backport)

Hi all !

Since I did not fancy compiling OpenLDAP on all our machines that require a slave-db, I decided to put some more effort in building a RPM myself.

Yesterday I found the 'openldap-2.2.23-4.src.rpm' in Fedora fc3/development repository, but it seems to be prepared for the upcoming fc4 release (all compiled with gcc 4.0.0).

rpm-rebuilding does not work out-of-the-box due to a dependency on libtool (not available in fc3). I have backported that package as well to furfill its Build Prerequisite. Finally I have changed the default db-4.3.27 database with 4.2.52 (with patches) which seems to be preferred by the people on this list.

Anyone interested to give it a try can download the (S)RPM(S) (prebuild for i386 and i686) from http://openldap.prolocation.net