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Re: db corruption?

--On Wednesday, March 09, 2005 12:30 PM -0600 Aaron Thoreson <aaront@midco.net> wrote:

I should note that I'm using LDBM and no Berkeley.  I'm not opposed to
making the switch, sometime down the road, but .dbb worked fine for some
time (this has only started occurring recently after a hard drive
failure) and I'd like to fix the issue at hand rather than upgrade.  I
assume this may be the reason I have no db_recover.

Well, "database ldbm" could still be on top of berkeley db. db_recover is a command shipped with berkeley DB.

I would highly recommend upgrading to using BDB as the underlying database structure, with "database bdb" in your slapd.conf, as it is a much superior database format to ldbm. We ran with ldbm on our previous directory prior to OpenLDAP, and had many undetected database corruption errors because of it.


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