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newbie questions - configuring

i am trying to set up openldap on a server running FreeBSD 5.3. i'm
having a horrible time trying to get ldap to work with tls/ssl. i read
the FAQ's and the oreily ldap sys admin book and tried all the
suggestions, still nothing..

i think my problem is in generating the certificates, i just can't
seem to get it to work. it seems that ldaps is listening on the
correct ports, but i'm not sure how to configure the clients to
connected using ldaps rather than ldap. i calso can't tell if the
server is configured correctly.

is there a way to test to see if the certifcate for the server i
generated is ok?

so, my main question is, what is insecure about using ldap instead of
using ldaps? also, any insight into certificates would be greatly