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install probs


I compiled and configured  openssl-0.9.7e, BerkeleyDB.4.2 + 
openldap-2.2.23 on Solaris 8.

When I use "ldapadd -D cn=Manager,dc=taprogge,dc=de -w secret"
nothing happens. It seems to me that ldapadd hangs. 
Doesn't matter what I type in nothing happens.
ldapsearch with the distinguish name and password shows 0 
results but nothing with

I made a db_dump which shows me an empty database.
db_dump /usr/local/var/openldap-data/dn2id.bdb
db_dump /usr/local/var/openldap-data/id2entry.bdb

Is there anybody who has this running with the environment 
as described above?

I made a full install with all necessary binaries from blastwave.org 
and patches from Sun but slapd answers
"database(bdb) not recognized"

Has anybody experienced this behavior?