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RE: Constraint violation in Replication setup.


It works now. My JNDI client does update the replicated environment. It
understands the referral and follows it. I meant that I should see
traffic between the master and the slave, performing the actual update.

Did you experience replication hick-ups, depending on the location of
the replication directives in the slapd.conf file?
I noticed for example that the database monitor setting and the indexes
have to be configured after the replication section.


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> You are right and my wording was misunderstanding. However, you still 
> should see traffic from the master to the slave, which is not
> I also don't see any traffic from the client to the master. All that 
> said, it seems that the referral part does not work.
> Does anyone see the reason, why it does not work.


I don't see why you think there would be any traffic between the slave
and the master when using a referral.  As for the client and the master,
I'd guess that JNDI doesn't implement referrals correctly.


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