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Re: Question, what is the correct tree???

Toper wrote:
I'm installed OpenLDAP and I have a flat structure currently: dc=firm,dc=com, from which I have branches People, Group, Aliases etc..
I have problem how to distinguish between manager and worker.
Is it possible to make this structure
    in this position place manager
    and after that make
    and in this position place workers?
I would like to easy check who is worker and who is manager and give the manager wider rights.
Question, what is the correct tree of LDAP for this situation?

There is no correct answer to your question. The design must follow your use cases, not anyone's personal preferences. If your use cases are complex, it might make sense to seperate different types of users into different branches. If they are simple, then it probably does not. Architecture and design which is not based on use cases is a waste of time, effort, and money.