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errors after db copy

I've got a master server and two slaves set up using slurpd in the common way described in the Admin Guide. Over time, through random network errors, etc. the database sizes have drifted slightly. So, I shut down the slave in question, shut down the master in question, copied the file, and restarted. Everything worked smoothly.

Now, however, 12 hours or so later, the dbs are off again and the .rej logs contain some "ALREADY EXISTS" or "NO SUCH OBJECT" errors. After a great deal of searching through the lists, it appears that you also have to delete the replogs before restarting the services?

Can someone show me where this is in the Guide, and answer the following questions:

Do you delete the replog, or just touch it?
Do you delete the .rej logs?

Thank you for your help!

-- Aaron Thoreson Network Group Midcontinent Communications aaront@midco.net