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Re[2]: openldap db wiped?

>>Today I got an email from another openldap user who got his DB wiped
>>and all data lost. db_recover does not work for him either.
>>This may sound dumb but I still do not understand some things. Could
>>you please take the time to answer these questions.
>> - openldap is installed from RPM in my system and in rc.local I have
>>   this code: "service ldap start". Which is probably identical to
>>   /etc/init.d/ldap start
HC> The OpenLDAP project does not release RPMs. Whatever your system does is
HC> between you and your vendor / RPM supplier. I have no idea what your
HC> package does.

that was an easy answer...

My question was not related to some package. It was about how openLdap
SHOULD work.