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Re: ch_free symbol undefined while loading dynamic backend

On Sat, 2005-03-05 at 22:31, Edward Rudd wrote:

> this is an inherited RPM from the open-it.org project (which was based
> on the early RedHat upstream spec file from redhat circa 7.x).  I will
> try disabling kerberos (as I'm not using it anyway) and see if that
> solves the issue.

I'm not quite exactly sure what fixed the issue. Disabling kerberos
didn't seem to affect the ch_free bug. So I completely redid a large
chunk of the spec file and removed all the excess configure parameters
that weren't needed, and it may be down to something with libtool or the
fact that --enable-static was passed to configure (though I don't see
how that would affect it). Right now it is correctly building and
working in a reproducible manner. (for a while I would build it one, and
it would work. then the second build would fail).

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