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Re: choosing backend for openldap

I am not an openldap expert, but usually BDB is the default backend
recommended by most users. HDB is something appearing in the lists
quite often lately, but I have not tried it myself.

If you are setting up a "bussiness critical" system, you will want to
take a look at qmail-ldap:

This is not something you can setup in 2 hours, but once you do it, it
will work for many years with no problems.

Note that openldap will start acting weird on a server with higher
load than 0.00 unless you spend some time finetuning it. You HAVE to
read the docs and optimize it or else you will have problems like
failed auth etc.


Saturday, March 5, 2005, 3:10:48 PM, you wrote:

AA> Greetings.

AA> I'm novice in OpenLDAP as well as LDAP itself. Having a task to setup
AA> mail system totally controlled by LDAP I'd selected an openldap +
AA> sendmail + courier. But since it will my first OpenLDAP installation I'd
AA> found quite diffcult to choose proper backend. Futhermore, the system
AA> will be business critical after too short testing period and changing
AA> backend seems to be unwanted enough. Is there some references? Any helps
AA> or links are ok. Thanks. 

Best regards,
 Karolis                            mailto:list@public.lt