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compilation error

Trying to compile openldap-2.2.23 on Solaris 9 using Sun ONE Studio 8 cc
in 64-bits.

When the build gets to making memcmp.o, it dies with the following.

/opt/SUNWspro/bin/cc -O -xtarget=ultra -xarch=v9 -I../../include -I../../include   -I/usr/local/openssl/include -I/usr/local/include/64 -I/usr/local/include   -c  memcmp.c
"memcmp.c", line 25: identifier redeclared: memcmp
	current : function(pointer to const void, pointer to const void, int) returning int
	previous: function(pointer to const void, pointer to const void, unsigned long) returning int : "/usr/include/iso/string_iso.h", line 60
cc: acomp failed for memcmp.c
*** Error code 2
make: Fatal error: Command failed for target `memcmp.o'

A little investigation shows that, effectively, while in
libraries/liblutil/ memcmp.c includes ../../include/ac/string.h which
includes /usr/include/string.h which includes

My first question is as to why is there a memcmp.c at all and why does it
redefine memcmp.

The second question is what to do about it.

The standard C library uses a type of size_t for the third parameter to
memcmp to avoid this type of type conflict.  "unsigned long" and "unsigned
int" are the common choices for the size_t type, with "unsigned int"
labeled as "historical version").  It would take some digging to see
exactly where the size_t typedef in effect is coming from, but suffice it
to say the "unsigned long" is the one found.

Is this simply an oversight warranting a patch submission (see below) or
am I missing something?

Eric Irrgang - UT Austin ITS Unix Systems - (512)475-9342

-- openldap-2.2.23.orig/libraries/liblutil/memcmp.c	Thu Jan 20 11:01:04 2005
+++ openldap-2.2.23/libraries/liblutil/memcmp.c	Thu Mar  3 18:57:03 2005
@@ -21,7 +21,7 @@
  * Memory Compare
-(memcmp)(const void *v1, const void *v2, int n)
+(memcmp)(const void *v1, const void *v2, size_t n)
     if (n != 0) {
 		const unsigned char *s1=v1, *s2=v2;