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RE: ignore server cert verification.

"man -M $MANPATH_FOR_OPENLDAP ldap.conf", read "TLS_REQUEST", I guess
the LDAP API should have the corresponding one.


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Subject: RE: ignore server cert verification.

Right, but is there a way to ignore server CA verification
in ldap API? by default openssl does not verify it.
is it LDAP that's bailing out?


On Thu, 3 Mar 2005, Tay, Gary wrote:

> I think Verisign shld send u an "intermediate trust CA cert" or 
> something like that to help u add it to CA list and then yr test cert 
> can be recognized.
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> Subject: ignore server cert verification.
> Hello,
>  my slapd is using a test certificate from verisign, and is not 
> available in trusted CA file that the client is using, therefore i am 
> getting this inside my client code.
> SSL3_GET_SERVER_CERTIFICATE:certificate verify failed
>  Can anyone please tell me how can i ignore server cert verification?
> Thanks
> Basit