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Re: Need help deleting a referral

Asking a question about why ldapmodify(1) is segfaulting
would have been on-topic (but that question wasn't asked in the post),
or asking how to request a particular LDAP modify operation be
performed by the server using ldapmodify(1) would also have been
on-topic (but that question wasn't asked in the post). However,
asking (as was done in the post) what particular LDAP operations
are necessary to manage referral knowledge in a non-OpenLDAP server
is simply off-topic.  Those kinds of questions should be directed
to a list supporting the particular server involved as management
of referral knowledge is server dependent.


At 08:22 AM 3/2/2005, Mike Jackson wrote:
>Tod Thomas wrote:
>>This is what I thought I needed but ldapmodify segfaults when I use -M.  I'm trying:
>>./ldapmodify -M -D 'cn=admin' -h myhost -w secret -f ./test.ldif
>>I tried adding -x, still segfaulting.
>>I did, and I just tried your suggestion - same result, openLDAP's ldapmodify is segfaulting when I use the Manage DSA IT control.  Has anybody else experienced this behavior?
> These guys are hyper-sensitive when you mention any other LDAP software. For that reason, they kicked your posting off of the list, even though it was about problems with OL client tools.
> Best bet at this point is to either try a newer version of the client, or try to fix the source code yourself.