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Re: [openldap2.1.30 + BerkeleyDB4.2.52] performance problem

--On Tuesday, March 01, 2005 9:26 AM +0100 Helene.Lastennet@alcatel.fr wrote:


We have some problem of performance since we have changed the version of
Openldap + BerkeleyDB:
Mainly at the ldap add request level.

Current environnment:
BerkeleyDB 4.2.52
Openldap 2.1.30

Previous environnment:
BerkeleyDB 4.1.25
Openldap 2.1.22


Around a year ago, I did a comprehensive comparison of BDB 4.1 and 4.2 when used with OpenLDAP 2.1. The essential answer here is if you are using OpenLDAP 2.1, I suggest using BDB 4.1, simply because of the exact reasons you are seeing. OpenLDAP 2.1 uses a hash structure for storing its data, and BDB 4.1 does a better job of writing those types of databases than BDB 4.2. OpenLDAP 2.2 uses btrees instead of hashes, and BDB 4.2 does a better job of storing its data in that DB format than BDB 4.1.

So, if you are using OL 2.1, use BDB 4.1.  OL 2.2, BDB 4.2. :)


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