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Re: index_param failed on uniqueMember ?

Eddy Tan wrote:
Hi Howard,

--- Howard Chu <hyc@symas.com> wrote:
The log shows an equality test failing, so of course a
presence index will not solve it.

so, where do you reckon the culprit comes from?

I envisage a twofold solution to this problem:
1) change the message into: "the attribute %s is not configured with the %s index; this is not an error, it is only sent you to be of help in designing the appropriate indices for your usual searches";
2) whenever an attribute is not indexed and it cannot be indexed because slapd does not support that index, print a message "the attribute %s is not indexed for %s because those lazy OpenLDAP developers couldn't find any spare time to implement it (could be because it's not of general usefulness?) and no user stepped in with a nice patch yet"

Logs would get much more creative and inspiring, I guess.


PS: I should have sent this to -devel ;)

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