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Re: LDAPADD command hangs

--On Monday, February 28, 2005 12:54 PM +0800 "Sivasakthi d/o Sivagnanam" <sakthi@digicert.com.my> wrote:

Hi Quanah,
I tried doing slapd -VV but had this error:-
"[root@openldap root]# slapd -VV
slapd: invalid option -- V
usage: slapd options
        -d level        Debug Level
        -f filename     Configuration File
        -g group        Group (id or name) to ran as
        -h URLs List of URLs to serve
        -l sysloguser   Syslog User (default: LOCAL4)
        -n serverName   service name
        -r directory
        -s level        Syslog Level
        -u user User (id or name) to ran as
doesn't seem to work.

We originally went for bdb but encountered problems hence we switched to
using ldbm. I can't recall what it was, don't have the log anymore.
Presuming the openldap version is correct. What should I do next ?

The version number you gave is bogus. Given that -V isn't supported, I'm even more inclined to believe OpenLDAP 2.0.2x which is what RedHat ships with everything prior to RH ES4. Which means you are running on an OpenLDAP release that is not supported, is horribly ancient, and has a very unreliable backend (ldbm). BDB may be a little more work to set up initially, but what you get is a stability that simply doesn't exist in LDBM. If you want to stick with 2.0, that is your decision, but I have no interest in answering any further questions about it, although others on the list might.


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