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Re: Openldap version (proxy cache)


Owen DeLong <owen@delong.com> writes:

> I don't know about FC2, but, FC3 is currently at 2.2.13 and current
> OpenLDAP release is 2.2.23.  As such, you're probably fine with FC3
> openldap as shipped.  I suspect the FC3 RPMs would work on FC2, since
> both use the same kernel and mostly the same libraries.
> FWIW, the upgrade from RH9 and FC2 to FC3 has been near painless for me on
> multiple systems (no reinstall, just in-place upgrade by booting FC3
> disks and upgrading existing install).

Any version prior to 2.2.20 will fail with regard to a proper
proxycache setup. There were a few issues which had been solved in


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