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to have HTTPS requests into LDAP server

Dear all,

          I would like to say sorry to ask you the topic not related with OpenLDAP. You can ignore the following. I have already searched online doc about it and at last anything can't help me. That's why I decided to ask you all. If anybody have a piece of advice about the following topic, please help me. Do accept my sincerest apologies for disturbing you.


    I am using Apache 2.0.52 on unix ( solaris 9 ). Basically I want to be a
ble to send HTTPS requests into the LDAP server.  So I installed OpenSSL and

  I was finding documents about Apache-ssl. Latest apachel-ssl is apache_1.3

My question is,

1) is it possible to build Apache2.0.52 ( instead of Apache 1.3.33 ) with ap
ache_1.3.33+ssl_1.55 ?? Some developers say that architecture of Apache1.x i
s not as good as Apache2.x.

2) If it is possible, how can I make my Apace2 support apache-ssl ?

3) If it is impossible, may I know the installation guide to install apache-

Apache 2 includes mod_ssl as standard. But I don't know how to make it possi
ble to get HTTPS access.

I have already searched for online documentation and they dont  clearly stat
ed to make Apache2.x support SSL connection.



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