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Re: Slurpd doesn't appear to be working.

jk uxt wrote:

and dont forget about the jack-offs that criticize and
try to exemplify - only making the open source
community that much more elitist and full of a bunch
of asses that should have kept thier mouth shut and
just answred the question and not commented on any
ones skill set --

I couldn't possibly have said it better myself.

I answered the question, what helpful thing have you done?

people have different skill sets, different learning
curves - and NO openldap is not documented so all can
use it - YES there is a freaking learning curve - and
dont expect everyone that posts an answer out of good
intention to have done a thesis reviewing the question

If you think that reading someone's entire question before posting a reply constitutes "doing a thesis" then you're either stupid or lazy. When a question comes across the list and the only information you have available about the problem is what the poster provided, then you are doing everyone a disservice by not taking it all into account.

It's understandable for someone who's been beating their head against the wall to overlook the obvious in their frustration, that's life. But when you look at something with a fresh pair of eyes, you don't have that excuse. Ignoring the available data and fabricating answers out of unsupported assumptions is not helpful. Letting bad advice go unchallenged is worse, because it adds to a mythology of sacrificing chickens and goats to make a system work.

Howard Chu <hyc@symas.com> Nick, OpenLDAP-softw.

Try reading what's in your config files again and
noticing that
"dc=shuba,dc=com" in the master doesn't match
"dc=frontbridge,dc=com "in
the slave, and that the master's binddn doesn't match
the slave's
updatedn, or that the slave's updatedn
"dc=frontbridge,dc=org" doesn't
match the slave's suffix "dc=frontbridge,dc=com".

Configuring software isn't that hard, if you pay

Free/Open source gets a lot of bad press because
people say (a) it's
poorly documented, (b) it's hard to understand, and
(c) you always get
conflicting answers when you ask for help on the
mailing lists / newsgroups.

All of the information needed to use OpenLDAP
effectively is published
as widely as possible. The cause of most of these
problems comes down to
people not reading carefully, both the people asking
the questions in
the first place and the people offering incorrect

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